Sunday, June 4, 2017

Touhou video game series still popular.

Touhou is an online video game created by ZUN from Japan/China created/released in 2005 and is still very popular today in 2016. Touhou is a video game based off of Japanese mythology and folklore. Not to mention mystery as well. Since its inception in 2005, the Touhou video game franchise has spun off a series various video games of the Touhou name over the years.

Touhou's community problem-solving model leads Touhou to be a successful multi-player online game even though it's mostly a one player game since its inception. It's the need for the community to band together to solve a problem. Not only is the gameplay complicated but you would need more than 3 players to beat this online web browser video game alone. Touhou is based off of teamwork efforts when it comes to the gameplay portion of this video game. The Touhou video game alone solely relies on the gameplay mechanisms and strategic play. Strategic play is the most important term to understand in video games such as this one. It's really the gameplay mechanisms that draw players to play this strategic video game called Touhou.

Touhou has risen on the wave of fandom. The Touhou video game series has an extremely large underground following similar to Strikes Witches and Street Fighter fandom once upon a time. The game developers for Touhou have followed the Pokémon model along with Street Fighter. Touhou is kept up opened enough for fans to fill in a void with their fanart and incredibly crazy metaphoric stories. That is where the snowball effect comes into place. But then again given the theme with the OVERABUNDANCE of uniforms in such fashion, one is not going to be surprised.

Touhou has a huge cast of characters that playable to choose from during gameplay. Notable characters of the Touhou video game franchise are Fujiwara no Mokou, Patchouli Knowledge, Sanae, Keine Sensei, and Yuugi among others. The Touhou video game has a selective wide-range array of characters with lovable traits, perks, quirks, and personality that are truly unique. The weirdness gets very disturbing.

To sum it all up, Touhou is a social game that is known as an online video game with a mystery folklore vibe. The developers seem to want to fuse their fetish for cute girls in quirky uniforms.

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