Sunday, June 4, 2017

How teachers are pushing our children towards into indoctrination with the extreme liberal politics today.

Today a majority of teachers are devout Communists that are trained by the government who is only interested in indoctrination rather than education. A majority of teachers are devout Communists who are only interested in indoctrination and the paychecks rather than education.  It seems that technology is replacing common sense and teaching for one thing. That one thing is indoctrination. Public school teachers and private school teachers  are indoctrinating our children by "their education standards". The educational system has removed common sense and good judgement from everyday life. People have lost all common sense. Not good.
The teachers of the educational system have instilled such fear into the people to the point where now most of us live in a constant state of fear and paranoia due to extreme indoctrination caused by the teachers and government.

It's really very shameful!! American people, wake up and retake our country! Take the United States back!

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