Sunday, June 4, 2017

What makes Kantai Collection so successful?

Kantai Collection is a fictional military action genre-based web browser game created by Kadokawa Games. The Kantai Collection game is available in Japan only. Kantai Collection is one of those military action genre video games that are currently the rising trend in the Japanese technology makes in regard to video games. All you otaku fans and weeaboo teitoku's out there will love this video game!

What made Kantai Collection so successful?
It's community problem-solving model leads Kantai Collection to be a multi-player online game. It's the need for the community to band together to solve a problem. Not only is the gameplay complicated but you would need more than 2 players to beat this online web browser video game alone. Kantai Collection is based off of teamwork efforts when it comes to the gameplay portion of this video game.

The way the Kantai Collection video game is setup is very similar for to Strike Witches video games with military strategic play. This game along solely relies on the gameplay mechanisms and strategic play. Strategic play is the most important term to understand in video games such as this one. It also helps in real life too. You feel being a part of it whenever reach some achievement from it certain at some point. It's really the gameplay mechanisms that draw players to play this strategic military action video game. That's what makes Kantai Collection unique among other browser games. Kadokawa Games had set up Kantai Collection similar to the facebook video game system monetary model.

Kantai Collection has risen on the wave of fandom. The Kantai Collection series has an extremely large underground following similar to The Grateful Dead fandom once upon a time. The game developers at Kadokawa Games have followed the Touhou model where it is kept up opened enough for fans to fill in a void with their fanart and incredibly crazy metaphoric stories. That is where the snowball effect comes into place. The fanservice and pantyshots are commendable. But then again given the theme with the OVERABUNDANCE of serafuku. I'm not going to be surprised.
Kantai Collection has a huge cast of characters that playable to choose from during gameplay.
The Kantai Collection video game has a selective wide-range array of characters with lovable traits and personality that are truly unique. There are even oppai loli in some cases in the video game and anime.

The video game Kantai Collection teaches us about history and culture of Japan. That's what the importance of Kantai Collection is. The Japanese take huge considerable amount of pride in their nations history. The Japanese have a huge amount of pride in their country as well. Despite the dark negative side of Japanese history, the citizens of Japan are very receptive to this video game. Many historic references are made in this video game.

As history tells us in textbooks, Japan was badly damaged during both World War 1 and World War 2 by the US Navy. The Americans weren't as fixated on decisive battle as the Japanese were with their military doctrine until 1937. That's when the United States had gotten involved. The Japanese and Americans had died on that small island from many bombshell blasts, nuclear explosions, and bombs planted in by the US Navy. Japan drove into resource starvation. The place has been fixed up since 1945. The regrowth of Japan was just starting in 1946.

The Kantai Collection video game has numerous references to US Allied units including the IJN naming conventions, such as Avenger, Helldiver, and Hellcat aircraft and katakana ship class naming, and the calibers/technical specifications of The weapons being used are 5", 8", 16" guns, and 21" torpedoes. However these types include some IJN hybrid aviation battleships. These weapons were heavier and more advanced than the Americans expected from the Japanese in 1941. The US Navy deployed their Iowa class ships quite often though. Technology was still new in Japan. The "Big Ship, Big Guns" concept was the battleship-centric strategy.

To sum it all up, Kantai Collection is a social game that is known as a strategic military action video game. This video game came at the right place at the right time. So we have had Strike Witches, Uppote, Girls und Panzer, and now this. Kadokawa Games developers seem to want to fuse mecha military hardware with their fetish for cute girls in sailor fuku school uniforms. Think of Kantai Collection as a knockoff of Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer mixed within together.
I hope you all comprehend and understand.

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