Monday, January 23, 2017

John Taylor murder revisited!

Officers responded to a call at about 8:50 PM regarding to a body found an apartment building. John Taylor’s body was found outside an apartment building in the 700 block of Sixth Street in the southern portion of Vallejo, California on the date of 10/20/2015. John Taylor’s body was later discovered to be recovered by Vallejo Police Department later on that day. He was mysteriously murdered by a single gunshot from which he later died from by unknown unnamed assailant. The victim was identified as John Taylor, 35. Detectives ruled out this death as a homicide. That killing was Vallejo’s 17th homicide of 2015.

John Taylor left with somebody he himself and his family did not know. All that is known is that John Taylor left his sister’s home with some unknown individuals and that was the last they heard from him. After that, his sister and family never heard from John Taylor again. This murder had occurred under very strange unique circumstances to where even family members couldn’t find out any details to what led to the murder of John Taylor.  Nobody knows what may have lead John Taylor to get killed execution-style. Details are sketchy. Now John Taylor getting killed was a tragedy. The murder mystery of John Taylor is very unique.

John Taylor also was known as rapper Maniac in the Bay Area and in Sacramento Valley. He has several unreleased songs that have never been heard before by the public and possibly 2 unreleased albums. Maniac was signed to AWOL Records (of C-Bo, Killa Tay, and Marvaless fame among others as well) as he was Freddie T. Smith’s nephew. He was signed to AWOL Records in the 1990s. During his tenure at AWOL Records, he recorded a bunch of tracks with label mates C-Bo, Killa Tay, Pizzo, Lunasicc, Da Misses, GP, Mayhem, Young Joker, and Marvaless along with others.

Willie Charles (noted producer for X-Raided - Xorcist among other West Coast rap classics) has released a one track single from Maniac called Outta Bounds (feat. Luni Coleone) this year on his own TrumpTeezee Records (TrumpTz Records) website that can be also purchased on iTunes and symphonicms.

Here is an update to the John Taylor murder mystery! A suspect has been found. The suspect was Johnnie Daniels III, 44, of Fairfield, California. Vallejo Police say he was involved in the murder of John Taylor.

Vallejo Police arrested a Fairfield man on the Monday morning of November 14, 2016 for the murder of John Taylor. Fairfield Police had responded to a call about a domestic disturbance that had taken place around 3:30 AM located on the 2500 block of Bickford Circle in Fairfield, California. Fairfield Police called Vallejo Police after determining the owner or occupant, Johnnie Daniels III, 44, of Fairfield, was wanted on a no bail warrant for the October 20, 2015 murder of John Taylor. Daniels was questioned by detectives along with Vallejo Police. He was later then arrested and booked into Solano County Jail for murder, court violation, and the no bail warrant. He is awaiting trial.

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  1. Whatever happen to the person they arrested was he ever convicted of John murder