Monday, May 1, 2017

New pet friendly hotel to be built in Del Valle, Texas.

A pet friendly hotel is opening up in Del Valle, Texas right across from the Austin Bergstrom International Airport. The parking lot for this pet friendly hotel will cover several acres of land where Bergstrom Arms Apartments were once located across the street from the old Del Valle High School. Del Valle ISD & Bergstrom Arms Apartments used to own the land where Bark & Zoom is being built. This hotel will be one of the very few pet friendly hotels in Austin currently speaking. Such hotel will allow animals such as dogs and cats for instance. Chasco is the construction company responsible for development such as this in the Bergstrom Village neighborhood of Del Valle and Austin. Bark & Zoom is the name of the pet friendly hotel that will be opening later in 2017.

The location will be 2601 Cardinal Loop, Del Valle, Texas, US 78617.


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