Monday, May 1, 2017

City of Austin to preserve historic Wallace-Burleson-Moore farmstead as historic attraction.

The City of Austin plans keeps the Wallace-Burleson-Moore farmstead buildings in an attempt of historic preservation. The City of Austin will also keep the Wallace-Burleson-Moore farmstead as a historic attraction for which it will be maintained as by City of Austin Park & Recreation. For those who did not know, the Wallace-Burleson-Moore farmstead is located in Del Valle, Texas. As of 2017, the homestead, farmstead, and outbuildings around the ABIA propertremain empty. These buildings are rotting away in decay. Some of the roofs on the log cabin caved in overtime from neglect and weather. Some of these buildings are badly damaged from weather. Property is owned by the City of Austin. Property is surrounded with a chain link fence.


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