Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mixerr Reviews rediscovers Maple Run Cave in Austin, Texas.

On the date of October 15, 2017, Michael Mixerr of Mixerr Reviews discovered Maple Run Cave at Goat Cave Karst Preserve in Austin, Texas while during a caving outing. Maple Run Cave is one of the most known caves of Austin/Travis County connecting to the lesser known Wade Cave.

Maple Run Cave is difficult to enter group to due to the steep drop inside the cave and not just the steps. Bringing groups will be difficult to due to a steep drop inside the cave. Going in small groups is recommended when touring Maple Run Cave.

Maple Run Cave  is a cave with a subtle moist environment with a high level of moisture perfect for mosquitoes and bats. Mosquitoes and bats are the natural wildlife that inhabit Maple Run Cave. The moist environment is a subtle breeding ground ideal for mosquitos among other insects, spiders, flies, and other insects of course. Many insects inhabit Maple Run Cave as insects inhabit and compromise a huge portion of natural wildlife in the caves of Texas. The caves of Goat Cave Karst Preserve Park are no exception.

“Upon entering Maple Run Cave , I felt a sense of moisture the first 20 seconds I was down there. You can feel a sense of moisture down in that particular cave. The moist environment is a subtle breeding ground for mosquitos. I had noticed mosquitos had been swarming over me while I was 20 feet-30 feet into Maple Run Cave.” said Michael Mixerr.

At the entrance of Maple Run Cave, mosquitos among other insects can be found swarming around that area. The moist environment suites well as a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects as well.

A hydrogeological study of Goat Cave, Maple Run Cave, and Wade Cave is anticipated to be completed in 2017.

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