Saturday, May 6, 2017

New pet friendly hotel in Del Valle, Texas is now finally open!

A pet friendly hotel called Bark & Zoom has opened up in Del Valle, Texas right across from the Austin Bergstrom International Airport after many delays along with various building renovations on top of other improvements to their several parking lots. After many delays, the Bark & Zoom hotel is now open for business.

Bark & Zoom is one of the very few pet friendly hotels in the Austin, Texas area currently speaking. The Bark & Zoom hotel will allow animals such as dogs and cats for instance. Bark & Zoom, of course, will be a dog friendly hotel.

The parking lot for this pet friendly hotel covering several acres of land is 90% complete. Central parking lot in front of the main hotel building is now complete. Northbound of the property lies a pile of dirt that has yet to be removed. Once the pile of dirt is removed, extra additional parking for employees will be added in the back northbound of the main hotel building. The parking lots received several improvements from 2015 to 2017 during their construction period. Bark & Zoom’s largest parking lot is located south of State Highway 71 near the entrance of Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Bark & Zoom’s largest parking lot is located on Austin Bergstrom International Airport property.

The location is 2601 Cardinal Loop, Del Valle, Texas, US 78617.

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