Monday, November 9, 2015

How Ronnie Johns became the .44 caliber killer!

In the month of August 1991 during the darkened pitch black Flint nighttime, Bowie and her 14 year-old intern Demetrius Rawls had been shot and killed by Ronnie Johns.
Grand Traverse Street near 11th Street is the location where 38 year-old Lucille Bowie operated and owned a thriving neighborhood dope house back in 1991. Lucille Bowie and Demetrius Rawls were the individuals present at the residence. Ronnie Johns had approached the two in pretense to buy crack cocaine. After that, Ronnie Johns had suddenly took out a stolen .44 caliber Ruger Redhawk (from a person’s house which he burglarized earlier) and demanded money. Both of them handed over everything they had without any resistance but that didn’t convince Ronnie Johns not to shoot them. Both died at the scene. This event was a double-homicide to another drug-related homicide from earlier that same year.

After that, Ronnie Johns supposedly “shot a sleeping 18 month-old baby in the buttocks”. Yet somehow the infant survived. This particular homicide incident had made the morning headline news on the Flint Journal newspaper. This event led Ronnie Johns to be known as “Ronnie Johns the .44 caliber killer”!

Ronnie Johns made the national headline news after killing 8 people on a murder spree in Flint, Michigan in 1991. Ronnie Johns made national headline news on television and newspapers again that same year after being apprehended and arrested by Flint Police Department. He was arrested again in 1992.
It didn’t take long for the police to track and locate Ronnie Johns and his accomplices. Someone tipped by phone to the Flint Police Department about the gun used in the Grand Traverse double-homicide to the drug-related homicide as well was previous crimes committed.  Most of Ronnie Johns victims were either shot and killed in robbery attempts. These murders were drug related.

The judge had sentenced Ronnie Johns to life in prison on July 9, 1992. His charges were 15 years to life on one count and life without parole on second count. From there on out, Ronnie Johns still continues to serve his penal sentence as he rots in prison at Kinross Correctional Facility in Kincheloe, Michigan. He’s killed a total of 8 people.

There are news articles from several newspapers across the country (specifically the North and Midwest) supporting evidence that Ronnie Johns killed people out of state. Most of Ronnie Johns victims were either shot and killed in robbery attempts. These murders were drug related.